The Issues

Life, Faith & Family

Mike Green is 100% Pro-life and an uncompromising defender of traditional values.

  • Endorsed by Right to Life of Michigan and Citizens for Traditional Values.
  • He believes that life begins at conception and should be protected by state law throughout all stages of life.
  • He strongly supported Michigan’s partial birth abortion ban and voted to require optional insurance riders for elective abortions.
  • He believes in traditional family values, defining marriage as between one man and one woman, and in protecting religious freedom.

2nd Amendment, Sportsmen & Public Safety

Mike Green is the strongest champion of the rights of gun owners, hunters, anglers, sportsmen and crime victims in the Michigan Legislature.

  • Endorsed and A+ rated by the National Rifle Association and the Michigan Coalition of Responsible Gun Owners
  • Endorsed by Attorney General Bill Schuette, Republican Sheriffs Ron Kalanquin, Lee Teschendorf and Michael Bouchard, the Police Officers Association of Michigan and the Michigan Association of Police Organizations.
  • He was the author of Michigan’s “Shall Issue” concealed pistol license law that restored the right of the people to defend themselves and their families.
  • As your state senator, he has sponsored fundamental reforms of Michigan’s CPL law and successful repeals of state gun control laws for law-abiding gun owners.
  • He successfully spearheaded passage of the Scientific Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act to base wildlife management decisions on sound science, not partisan politics or emotions, a move that will protect the rights of all sportsmen.
  • He successfully led efforts to strengthen the rights of crime victims in Michigan, supported efforts to better protect senior citizens from elder abuse and fraud, and stood by Attorney General Bill Schuette in his efforts to deliver justice to rape victims.

Jobs, the Economy & Government Spending

Mike Green is a former small business owner who was elected on a commitment to make this state a place where his 5 adult children and 20 grandchildren – and all of our kids and grandkids – would be able to live, work, raise a family and create jobs if they chose. That’s exactly what he’s done. It’s working and Michigan is making a comeback!

  • Endorsed by the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), Michigan Manufacturers Association, Michigan Home Builders, Michigan Credit Union League and Michigan Bankers.
  • Endorsed by the Small Business Association of Michigan
  • He sponsored Michigan’s official petition for a federal balanced budget amendment to put the brakes on the runaway national debt and federal spending. It passed the Legislature this year with Governor Snyder’s support.
  • As a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee and chairman of three appropriations subcommittees, he has worked hard to put Michigan’s fiscal house in order, balance four state budgets and reign in state spending.
  • He supported elimination of the job-killing Michigan Business Tax and personal property tax, putting an end to double taxation of small business owners.
  • He led comprehensive reforms of Michigan’s regulatory structure to help create jobs.


Mike Green is a former farmer who understands how important agriculture and agri-businesses are to Michigan’s economy, our comeback and our way of life.

  • Endorsed by the Michigan Agri-Business Association, Michigan Farm Bureau, Michigan Milk Producers, Michigan Pork Producers, Michigan Harness Horsemen Association and the Michigan Ground Water Association.
  • As chairman of the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee for the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Mike has worked hard to responsibly restore the department from years of devastating cuts under the Granholm administration.
  • He has spearheaded successful efforts to expand agriculture processing in the state; expedite state inspections of agriculture products; open new export markets, improve rail and water shipping opportunities; increase property tax relief; and reform Michigan’s environmental and wetlands regulatory program to keep Obama EPA regulators out of the state.

Transportation Infrastructure

Mike Green believes the state must address its deteriorating highways, roads, streets and bridges with current tax dollars without forcing gas tax increases on Michigan residents and businesses that they cannot afford.

  • He has supported increased investments in road funding while balancing the state budget, including over $700 million additional dollars for roads since 2011.
  • He supports reforms that will ensure road tax dollars actually make it to roads, through increased competitive bidding, strengthened road project warranties and dedicating available taxes paid on fuel to roads.
  • He is leading efforts to improve rail and water shipping opportunities for business and agriculture to reduce wear and tear on our roads.
  • He is working to consolidate operating costs for all of the state’s “movable bridges” into one fund, saving taxpayer dollars and freeing up local funds for local streets and roads.
  • As a member of the Appropriations Committee, he supported fairness in emergency pothole repair funding by dividing resources among state roads (39.1 percent), county roads (39.1 percent) and city/village roads (21.8 percent).


Mike Green believes that Michigan needs to do better for our veterans who have put their lives on the line in defense of our freedom and way of life. Not only is it the right thing to do, we need highly-skilled veterans to help drive our economic comeback.

  • Mike led the fight with Senator John Moolenaar to waive occupational and business licensing fees for veterans seeking a job or starting a business in our state.
  • He sponsored legislation passed by the Senate to exempt veteran service organization’s fundraisers for active duty military, wounded warriors and veterans from the state sales tax.
  • As Senate DNR budget chair, he created career and training opportunities for veterans within the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.
  • He strongly supported new laws that waive hunting and fishing license fees for active duty military and disabled veterans to encourage them to enjoy the great outdoors in our state, a small token of appreciation for their sacrifice and a win for our economy.
  • He supported passage of a new law providing tuition assistance to members of the National Guard attending Michigan colleges, universities and vocational schools.


With 5 children and 20 grandchildren, education issues are very important to Mike Green. He believes that the key to each child’s academic success rests with freedom and choice for parents and students in pursuing an education that is best-suited for their individual needs, whether public, nonpublic or home-based.

  • As a leader on the state budget, he has worked to responsibly strengthen our investment in public education by over $1,000 per student or a total of $1.26 billion since 2011.
  • He worked to protect local control over curriculum content by strongly opposing Common Core.
  • He supported key performance and efficiency measures for public schools to ensure more dollars get to the classroom where they belong.
  • He has supported an improved focus on and funding for early childhood education.
  • He supports increasing options for high school students to receive graduation credit through technical and vocational education and training.

Obamacare and Health Care

As a state legislator, Mike Green is opposed to Obamacare and has worked at the state level for its repeal, fought the Obamacare Medicaid expansion and opposed the federal health care exchange.

  • He fully supported Attorney General Bill Schuette’s efforts to fight the Obamacare law all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.
  • He opposed the Obamacare expansion of Medicaid.
  • He voted to keep Michigan citizens and their personal information out of the failed federal Obamacare health exchange
  • He led successful efforts to improve the treatment of Michigan children with autism and to improve the quality of health care and health care providers in Michigan.