Senator Green seeking re-election to second term

LANSING-Republican incumbent Senator Mike Green announced today that he will seek re-election to a second term representing the 31st District in the Michigan Senate.

“Four years ago I ran on a commitment to roll up my sleeves and get to work putting Michigan back on track,” Green said in making his announcement. “I didn’t need a job. But like so many others, I saw my kids and grandkids being forced to leave our state. I couldn’t sit by and watch the opportunity my generation had been blessed with fade away for those that followed.”

“That’s why I ran for the Senate then and it’s why I am seeking re-election today. I’m proud that Michigan is making a comeback and I’ll continue to work hard to keep our state moving forward.”

By any measure, Green has been very successful legislatively during his time in the Senate. One of his first bills to become a public act in 2011 expanded the state’s economic development focus to include agriculture processing. He was also a lead sponsor of legislation that same year that improved treatment for children with autism. In 2012, he led a fundamental overhaul of Michigan’s wetlands regulatory program to improve protections for property owners, farmers and business owners.

Other bills sponsored by Green that were signed into law have strengthened crime victims’ rights; reformed welfare benefits to discourage fraud and abuse; protected children’s college savings accounts from creditors; expedited state inspections of agriculture products; reduced the property tax burden; streamlined and revitalized environmental cleanup, conservation and wildlife management programs; and improved the quality of health care.

As a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Green has also been directly involved in crafting the last three state budgets and is chairmen of the subcommittees for the Departments of Agriculture and Rural Development, Environmental Quality, and Natural Resources.

“We’ve put Michigan’s fiscal house in order,” Green commented. “On the other hand, federal spending and the national debt are out of control. It’s time for the states put an end to the madness in Washington, D.C., and force our nation’s leaders to follow our example.”

Green sponsored a resolution last year officially petitioning for the states to pass a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The state Senate has approved the resolution. Already adopted by 23 states, once approved by 34 the amendment process will begin.

Known as the state’s foremost champion of the rights of gun owners and sportsmen, Green sponsored Michigan’s “shall issue” concealed pistol license law as a state representative and currently serves as chairman of the Senate Second Amendment Caucus and the Michigan Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus.

“The 2nd Amendment protects all other freedom,” Green said. “We could have the best economy in the world but it will mean nothing without freedom.”

His upcoming priorities include rebuilding local and state roads and bridges without tax increases, passing personal income tax relief, continuing to strengthen the state’s agriculture industry, improving services to the state’s veterans, and eliminating barriers to job growth.

“We’ve made progress with jobs but there is still too much government red tape holding job creators back,” Green commented. “Whether a business on Main Street or a farm in the countryside, I will focus on eliminating bureaucratic barriers that stand in their way of driving our recovery.”

The 31st District presently includes Arenac, Bay, Huron, Sanilac and Tuscola Counties. Following the 2014 election, it will encompass Bay, Lapeer and Tuscola Counties. Green said that the residents in all of these counties share a strong work ethic, conservative family values, and a love for freedom, values he says he represents well.

State Sen. Phil Pavlov, who currently represents Lapeer County, agreed.

“Mike Green leads on issues that matter and he gets things done in Lansing for those he represents,” Pavlov said in endorsing Green. “He has served his current district well and will be a great fit for the people of Lapeer.”

A retired tool-and-die maker, former farmer and state representative from 1995 until 2001, Green resides in Mayville with his wife of 47 years, Paula. They have five adult children and 20 grandchildren.

Green has also been endorsed by Republican Attorney General Bill Schuette. More information on Sen. Mike Green’s campaign is available at